Behind the Scenes

Growing Up with Style

August 10, 2015

Suzie Q is no ordinary gal. Not only is she modern and intelligent, classic and cordial, but she has also been through the wringer and came out as gorgeous as ever. Her brand is put through a grueling testing process to ensure her quality rises above the standards. Obstacles certainly arose, but she kept pushing through and didn’t settle for anything less than perfect. And that’s why we love her.

All of Suzie Q’s kitchen tools must survive quality trials such as the infamous “drop test", and all of her nifty products survived, Baby!

Another hurdle Suzie Q gracefully surpassed was dealing with a communication breakdown between the design team and the manufacturer. Check out these work-in-progress kitchen tools on the right. You can see the marked corrections. Our Senior Industrial Designer, Jenn, visited the manufacturer and reviewed the samples, comparing them with the product design specifications. Some things just can’t be learned until you just get your hands on the items. For example, you might plan on having a certain pin with a certain plate, and then you find out the particular pin you want isn’t available and adjustments need to be made. But hey, no sweat! That’s all part of the fun.

Once everything seems dandy, we wait for final revised product samples to be shipped to us. When they get to our creative design office in Philadelphia it feels like Christmas! Are they good to go? Do they function properly? What’s jiving and what’s not? The questions mount, but it’s something we take pride in. It allows us to guarantee great dependable quality.

Comparing the working drawings to the final samples is usually the last step, but things can always come outta nowhere. You always have to be on your toes! Regardless, the Suzie Q we love today has made it through the paces and is stronger than ever. Her line of kitchenwares are of tested quality (you can see for yourself!), and she brings that strength into her classic aesthetics beautifully.